Accomplishments During My 9 Years on City Council:

Disaster Relief and Recovery:
  • Assisted the City’s recovery from the 2013 flood, COVID-19 pandemic, and Marshall Fire relief and recovery efforts.
Housing and Energy Efficiency:
  • Spearheaded efforts to allow Marshall Fire survivors to opt-out of expensive residential energy code requirements and provided a use tax credit.
Financial Transparency:
  • Adopted program-based budgeting to enhance financial transparency.
Public Safety:
  • Adopted the Louisville Police Department Master Plan.
  • Increased funding for police department personnel, equipment, facilities, and officer training.
  • Approved a pilot mental health co-responder program for the Louisville Police Department.
Infrastructure Improvements:
  • Improved the quality of City streets and upgraded City sewer lines.
  • Adopted the City’s Transportation Master Plan.
  • Completed the South Street underpass between Delo and downtown Louisville.
  • Approved the Louisville South Boulder Road Connectivity Plan.
  • Endorsed the Louisville-Lafayette Future42 Connectivity Plan.
  • Collaborated with elected officials to secure federal funding for transportation improvements.
  • Made major traffic safety improvements, including pedestrian crossing improvements and traffic calming measures.
Open Space and Parks:
  • Acquired additional Open Space, including the Mayerhoffer Property.
  • Began refocusing on maintenance of parks, Open Space, and trails.
Sustainability and Energy:
  • Led efforts to develop amendments to the City’s commercial energy code.
  • Adopted the City’s Sustainability Action Plan and 2020 update.
  • Approved clean energy and carbon emission reduction goals for the municipality and community.
Affordable Housing:
  • Collaborated with Boulder County Consortium of Cities to establish countywide affordable housing goals and secured City Council’s approval.
  • Approved and financially supported the Kestrel affordable housing project.
Community Support and Inclusion:
  • Created a fund to assist indigent Louisville residents with utility payments.
  • Spearheaded the creation of the City’s diversity, equity, and inclusion task force.
  • Expanded and renovated both the Louisville Recreation & Senior Center and the Memory Square Pool.
  • Increased City support for cultural offerings, public art, and community events, including Street Faire, Old Town Skate, and Concerts in the Park.
Legal Revisions and Governance:
  • Reduced City’s legal risks through revisions to City code and policy.
  • Developed City meeting rules.
  • Created a process for evaluating key City officials.
Infrastructure Development:
  • Opened a new wastewater treatment plant.