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Chris and Natalie

Chris & Cast of Our Town (2019)

Why I’m Running.

I am a 29-year Louisville resident, raised a family here, and I own a small business. I have had the privilege of serving on City Council for nearly a decade and am deeply committed to preserving Louisville’s core values. I am running for Mayor because I believe that experience matters. With your support, I will ensure that we maintain our small town character and effectively manage change so we can address any challenge that arises.

My Family’s Louisville Experience.

My wife and I moved to Louisville in 1994, when we were both beginning our careers and our family. We have now lived here for 29 years. I own a successful small law firm that specializes in providing employment law services to other small businesses. We love knowing our neighbors, and we are proud that our daughters were born at Avista Hospital, attended Fireside Elementary and Louisville Middle Schools, and learned to swim at the Rec Center. We love the charm of our downtown, our Open Space and trails, theater productions and cultural events, and everything else our great small town has to offer.


I’m a problem-solver. As an employment lawyer, I help clients avoid trouble. I generate and analyze options to address challenges, fight hard for them, and deliver results. As a mediator, I enable adversaries to find common ground. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Leh Law Group, LLC, I collaborate with clients and empower team members to solve problems. I know how to meet a payroll and work under pressure.

Collaborative, Consensus-Oriented Leadership.

Serving as the Ward 1 representative on the Louisville City Council has been one of the most worthwhile roles I have ever played. It is about getting the public’s business done. I’m a collaborative and consensus-oriented problem-solver. And I do not shy away from addressing tough issues head-on. I try to be a voice of reason. I value careful listening, robust debate, and evidence-based policymaking. I work hard to seek out and understand the perspectives and experiences of residents, Councilmembers, City staff, and others who come before us and those who are not able to do so. I’m able to admit when I’m wrong and change my mind when it’s warranted. I’m decisive but try to look at old issues in new, creative ways.